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Specialized Services


Lyfe Group™ is an international conglomerate that plays a leading role in the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and healthcare industries, serving over 60 global markets from certified facilities in North and Latin America. In addition to manufacturing high-quality empty vegetarian and gelatin capsules, the company also has a variety of novel technologies on the market, including topical, transdermal and other oral application products. The consistency and purity of raw materials used in all of the company’s products are certified by a state-of-the-art quality assurance system.

Pharmaceutical Testing, Research & Development

The company offers comprehensive pharmaceutical and capsule testing, research and development services using cutting-edge technology. A team of experts also provides comprehensive support for all stages of development, from preclinical trials to bio-equivalence testing and regulatory submission. These services enable clients to improve their production ability, improve the quality and efficacy of the final product, and streamline and accelerate their development processes to bring products to market faster.

Technical Services

An elite team of technicians, each with a decade or more experience and Six Sigma training, provide extensive technical support and training. These services are all designed to help customers optimize their production processes while ensuring high quality of the finished products. Whatever the need, the company’s technicians consult and work diligently to solve clients’ manufacturing challenges.

Regulatory & Quality

Lyfe Group™ uses its global expertise to help clients successfully navigate the regulatory compliance maze and put best practice quality assurance processes in place throughout the entire course of manufacturing, packaging and shipping. Within its own manufacturing facilities the company adheres to stringent quality and regulatory standards that take into consideration the API’s physical and chemical properties, including targeted product profiles, to produce formulations that are physically stable and have seamless performance on filling machines.

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