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Known for his ability to successfully develop and grow businesses, Jonathan Gilinski is the Founder of Capsuline© and the Executive Director of Lyfe Group™ and CapsCanada®. In these roles he promotes excellence in the execution of all aspects of hard capsule manufacturing, from capsule formulation and materials to product design, customization options and efficient manufacturing processes. Jonathan’s business acumen and ethos, as well as his strong focus on regulatory compliance and quality assurance, are recognized worldwide.

A Solutions-Focused

Regularly quoted as a subject-matter expert in customized encapsulation, Jonathan is a sought-after speaker at key industry conferences and events. As a trusted media source for delivering valuable industry insight and commentary, he has been featured in Entrepreneur, The Huffington Post, CNBC, Money, Success and more.

An excellent example of Jonathan’s innovative mindset is FLAVORCAPS®. Jonathan developed and patented this line of flavored capsules after recognizing the need for a capsule that conceals the undesirable taste and odor of some prescribed formulations. Today FLAVORCAPS® are used to optimize product appeal in pediatric applications, and to enable successful medicinal intake for consumers who previously found it challenging to swallow medicines.

As a philanthropist, Jonathan has focused on community-strengthening initiatives in education and nutrition, groundbreaking cancer research, and development aimed at finding cures for children suffering from severe encephalopathies.

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